Quality assurance

Forget the price - focus on quality

The quality of the goods as well as flexibility and reliability towards our customers are just as important to us as qualified and motivated employees to meet the demands and requirements of the market.

Our laboratory

Our in-house laboratory works in close contact with the chemical and powder coating suppliers to meet the strict testing, control and monitoring criteria of the GSB (coating) and Qualanod (anodizing) organizations.

Quality assurance

Four times a year, we are examined by the quality association by technical and authorized experts. This examination is unannounced.

We can take countermeasures at an early stage and limit complaints later if there are any material problems in the incoming goods department. This is provided that we have identified the issues when the aluminum components are delivered or positioned.

Professional training

Our employees receive regular training to understand possible innovations and enhance their knowledge in powder coating and anodizing processes.