As our customer, you choose between the alternative conversion layer or pre-anodization as a pre-treatment process to be used for your aluminum profiles.



Alternative conversion layer

The quality and durability of the finished components is enhanced by applying a pretreatment before the actual powder coating process. A conversion layer is created on the metal surface during the pretreatment process due to a chemical reaction. This layer forms the basis for the adhesion of the powder during the coating process and improves the corrosion resistance of the material.

In 2013 we converted our vertical coating system and in 2015 our horizontal coating system to an environmentally friendly pre-treatment technology.

The corrosion resistance of the aluminum and the coating adhesion properties are substantially improved by the formation of a transparent passivation layer based on a complex of titanium and polymer. 



Pre-anodization protects the material from filiform corrosion, also called infiltration corrosion. This process is recommended as a preventive measure for applications in extremely harsh envrionments such as areas with high emissions from industry and traffic, in swimming pools or near the sea.

This process uses electric current in a watery, acidic solution to generate an oxide layer firmly adherent to the aluminum. The open porous cell structure of the surface measures between 3 and 8 micrometer thickness and represents a very good prepared surface for the subsequent powder coating process. Currently, the pre-anodization presents the only pretreatment that guarantees complete protection against filiform - infiltration - corrosion.

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